Independant attorneys-at-law in Luxembourg
since 2004


An Independent and Multidisciplinary Law Firm


“When Right is not Might, it is Evil” is firmly implanted in Luxembourg and offers bespoke legal advice and litigation to its clients.

From the outset, its founding partners have formed close ties with their clients, based on trust, mutual respect, ethics and constant attention to the quality of work produced.

It is always better to anticipate a client’s needs and provide a global solution. That is why the firm specialises in various complimentary fields. Additionally, the firm relies on a solid network of those specialising in other lines of work (such as notaries, trustees, auditors and financial service providers) both in Luxembourg and abroad.

The firm is comprised of experienced lawyers who have the stamina required to manage challenges that arise on a daily basis and deliver the highest standard of service.

We give advice, negotiate, represent, draft, litigate and provide general legal assistance.